Do Magicians Have Big Egos?

I’m not the first to say, every negative stereotype about magicians is rightfully deserved. It’s the wages of our sins. I am no Messiah, I am not here to offer you any eternal forgiveness nor can I save magic’s wretched soul. In a earlier blog post I brought out one of the TOP reasons whyContinue reading “Do Magicians Have Big Egos?”

How To Make Your Event Sensory Friendly

Lets get some credentials out of the way first. Who am I? I’m a professional magician. I have been in magic for as long as I can remember. Magic is as a part of me as the arms and legs are. I also happen to be a Neurodivergent; more specifically I have Attention Deficit HyperactiveContinue reading “How To Make Your Event Sensory Friendly”

Reasons Why Weddings BENEFIT From Wedding Magicians

WHY A WEDDING MAGICIAN SHOULD BE CONSIDERED FOR YOUR WEDDING!  MAKE YOUR Wedding MAGICAL! RSVP Today! You WANT your WEDDING to be a success! Not just for you but also for the guests, the last thing many consider in the wedding planning process is the ENTERTAINMENT and EXCITEMENT value. A WEDDING MAGICIAN is an ACCESSORYContinue reading “Reasons Why Weddings BENEFIT From Wedding Magicians”