Do Magicians Have Big Egos?

I’m not the first to say, every negative stereotype about magicians is rightfully deserved. It’s the wages of our sins. I am no Messiah, I am not here to offer you any eternal forgiveness nor can I save magic’s wretched soul. In a earlier blog post I brought out one of the TOP reasons whyContinue reading “Do Magicians Have Big Egos?”

What People Don’t Like About Magic

As a magician, I had been fed a lot of dogma by my industry. The biggest most pervasive dogmatic statement is “everyone loves magic”. While it is true MOST people love magic, there is a small segment of the population that responds negatively to magic and magicians in general. Magic’s Appeal Before we can understandContinue reading “What People Don’t Like About Magic”

How To Make Your Event Sensory Friendly

Lets get some credentials out of the way first. Who am I? I’m a professional magician. I have been in magic for as long as I can remember. Magic is as a part of me as the arms and legs are. I also happen to be a Neurodivergent; more specifically I have Attention Deficit HyperactiveContinue reading “How To Make Your Event Sensory Friendly”

Black Magic & Magic Response To Social Justice Part 1

When you think of a magician, chances are a caricature image of a white man with a top hat, evening tails and a goatee comes to mind. When I ask you to think of who America’s first Natural Born Magician & Celebrity Is, without using Google you probably would be thinking of a white manContinue reading “Black Magic & Magic Response To Social Justice Part 1”

What You See Isn’t What Is Happening!

As a magician I am not supposed to take you behind the scenes but I’m going to break that rule right here anyway and take you behind the scenes. No I’m not going to reveal to you how David Copperfield made the Statue Of Liberty Disappear or how Harry Houdini made a Indian elephant vanishContinue reading “What You See Isn’t What Is Happening!”

Live Entertainment – A Shoppers guide

It’s not everyday you encounter or do dealings with a live entertainer. It’s nothing like going to the cinema, theatre or concert hall and purchasing a ticket without much thought. If you’re booking a live entertainer, chances are this is your first time (and hopefully won’t be your last). This guide will help break downContinue reading “Live Entertainment – A Shoppers guide”