ADHD – Living The Fast Life

One of the biggest pitfalls with having ADHD is feeling like 1) you’re not doing enough, 2) you’re living too slow, 3) you don’t have time. There are a number of things contributing to this. People with ADHD are hypersensitivity to peer pressure and rejection. The feeling of not working hard enough or fast enoughContinue reading “ADHD – Living The Fast Life”

Scripting Magic: How To Turn Tricks Into Magical Experiences

Abracadabra! The ever famous magical incantation. No one is 100% sure of it’s true origin, however many believe it comes from the Hebrew; “ebrah k’dabri” which means “I create what I speak.” Many have become accustomed to how the old saying “sticks & stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” isContinue reading “Scripting Magic: How To Turn Tricks Into Magical Experiences”

Magic & Neurodiversity Inclusion

I was browsing through my Instagram feed when I was on a hydrobed at the gym just after my morning workout. I came across the Orlando Fringe’s post on making fringe more accessible, and it is more accessible than traditional theatre. The whole idea behind Fringe Festivals was based on inclusivity for both the performers,Continue reading “Magic & Neurodiversity Inclusion”

Those That Hate Magic Probably Hate You Too!

In my formative years in my development as both a human & a magician is I got fed the “Everyone LOVES Magic” train of thought. Nothing inherently wrong with that statement but it gives the expectation that EVERYONE loves magicians & magic – which isn’t true. There are a small tiny fragment of the humanContinue reading “Those That Hate Magic Probably Hate You Too!”

Magic, Cardistry & General Education – The Necessity Of The Seemingly Unnecessary

I can recall taking general education courses throughout my undergraduate studies at Murray State University. I didn’t mind, I understood that Gen Ed courses are meant to broaden your base knowledge. I do recall many complaining about the seeming inconvenience of having to take these courses that “have nothing to do with my career”. KeepContinue reading “Magic, Cardistry & General Education – The Necessity Of The Seemingly Unnecessary”

Confusion Is Not Good For Magic Or Marketing

This is a lesson about myself, a DJ, a open mic event & Toyota. Names have been omitted to protect the innocent. The story for this article begins in 2017. I was a year out of University and in the process of creating my first theatrical mind reading show (that never saw the light ofContinue reading “Confusion Is Not Good For Magic Or Marketing”

Is Being A (Insert Genre Of Entertainment ) Enough?

I’ve done personal battles over this question that gets thrown about a LOT in some circles of the Magical Arts- is being a magician enough? I will say that the same question can be asked of a comedian, actor, musician, singer, dancer, juggler, etc. Is what you call yourself enough? I know plenty of musiciansContinue reading “Is Being A (Insert Genre Of Entertainment ) Enough?”

Magicians Are The Guardians Of Truth: Skepticism, Magic, Deception & The War Against Misinformation & Pseudoscience

Magic teaches us two valuable skills in life: Others can be deceived & you can be deceived as well. While the magician relies on the use of deception – maliciousness is not the intent. Unfortunately, many use the same deceptive tactics magicians use to entertain as a way of taking advantage of others for maliciousContinue reading “Magicians Are The Guardians Of Truth: Skepticism, Magic, Deception & The War Against Misinformation & Pseudoscience”

Magic, ADHD & Marketing – Attention Is A Scarce Resource

Question: ADHD seems counterproductive to magic- be the creation of magic or performance? Answer: Attention, the mechanism that allows magic to work is selective & scarce as it is, with or without ADHD. The Monkey Business Test, an experiment created by Daniel Simmons attests to this. In this experiment observers are asked to count theContinue reading “Magic, ADHD & Marketing – Attention Is A Scarce Resource”

Zoom Makes Live Entertainment More Accessible

Its been a full year since the SARS-COVID 2 pandemic interrupted a previous normal. The pandemic had awaken many flaws and weaknesses in how we as a collective have done things. The issue that I am addressing here has been well known in the performing arts world for a long time… Accessibility. Accessibility for bothContinue reading “Zoom Makes Live Entertainment More Accessible”