Zoom Makes Live Entertainment More Accessible

Its been a full year since the SARS-COVID 2 pandemic interrupted a previous normal. The pandemic had awaken many flaws and weaknesses in how we as a collective have done things. The issue that I am addressing here has been well known in the performing arts world for a long time… Accessibility. Accessibility for bothContinue reading “Zoom Makes Live Entertainment More Accessible”

Confidence For Dummies (And The Unassured)

As we grow from childhood to adolescence we become aware of not only the environment around us but also self aware of our existence. Our personalities begin to take shape and our physiology becomes more defined. We become susceptible to the influences and suggestions of our peers. I can remember, and I can promise aContinue reading “Confidence For Dummies (And The Unassured)”

Reasons Why Weddings BENEFIT From Wedding Magicians

WHY A WEDDING MAGICIAN SHOULD BE CONSIDERED FOR YOUR WEDDING!  You WANT your WEDDING to be a success! Not just for you but also for the guests, the last thing many consider in the wedding planning process is the ENTERTAINMENT and EXCITEMENT value. A WEDDING MAGICIAN is an ACCESSORY to making those FAIRYTALE ENDINGS youContinue reading “Reasons Why Weddings BENEFIT From Wedding Magicians”


The time was 7:30 AM. I had arrived early to the coffee shop for a early morning monthly get together with fellow entrepreneurs, small business owners and community leaders. The speaker today was the founder, owner and vice president of a well known establishment here in Western Kentucky…. Okay it was Patti’s Restaurant and Patti’sContinue reading “THERE IS NO MAGIC BULLET”


IF you own or manage a restaurant, bar, pub or tavern – any place where people come to sit and dine – you NEED a magician on board. You read that correctly. You NEED a magician.There are a LOT of challenges to the dining industry – slow days, delays in the kitchen, a LONG waitContinue reading “IF YOU OWN A RESTAURANT/BAR/TAVERN/LOUNGE – YOU NEED A MAGICIAN”

2021 Public Show Dates

2021 Indianapolis Indyfringe Festival! October 29 – Adairville Elementary School Fall Festival & Homecoming – TBA August 28, 29 & September 2nd 2021 @ 7:30 PM EST & September 4 2:00 PM EST. Tickets & Info At: https://indyfringe.vbotickets.com/event/jordan_allens_magic_party/56013?fbclid=IwAR1_Xd4EYBnbvN_OGj0ALPKMULApuDFA8D9w_YHLzuQ-9g_cpgBhGZKuuSI Reoccuring- At Home Magic Party On Zoom. Tickets Here 2020 Public Show Dates Due To SARS-COVID 2Continue reading “2021 Public Show Dates”

Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Pubs NEED Magic There Are Big Reasons Why Restaurants Can’t Afford NOT To Have A Magician 1) Experience, Value & Atmosphere As you guessed it – food is not the only reason why people choose one restaurant over another, some restaurants have an advantage over others – the patrons have a betterContinue reading