How To Make Your Event Sensory Friendly

Lets get some credentials out of the way first. Who am I? I’m a professional magician. I have been in magic for as long as I can remember. Magic is as a part of me as the arms and legs are. I also happen to be a Neurodivergent; more specifically I have Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or ADHD for short. Like many who are neurodivergent – I too have sensory issues that can hinder my ability to function properly. Since 2020 I have made peace with my disABILITY after some 19 years of self loathing. In 2022 I debuted my first Sensory Friendly magic show. There I am with a few ticket holders after the show first debuted.

What Is Sensory Friendly?

Whether it is Autism Spectrum Disorder, Tourettes Syndrome, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Down Syndrome, Dyspraxia or even Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – all Neurodivergent conditions come with the issue of overstimulation.


Put it in plain English, overstimulation happens when the brain of a neurodivergent person becomes overstimulated. Neurodivergent brains are BUSY and can take in more environmental stimuli than the Neurotypical brain can. Sometimes too much goes in and it can overwhelm the Neurodivergent person.

So? What’s the issue?

Overstimulation may not affect a neurodivergent person equally from another, but the end is always the same. Someone may become extremely irritated, have a emotional meltdown or become aggressive – not something anyone wants and it can be a humiliating and dehumanizing ordeal for the Neurodivergent. Many people who are Neurodivergent refrain from doing things that Neurotypicals do – such as going to parties, dancing/clubbing, going to the cinema or concert.

Sensory Friendly Magic Is Inclusive

I was in a local pub one night here in my town. I hadn’t been to this particular bar since the Coronavirus pandemic began. I had no idea walking in that there would be a live band. I was meeting with a few friends to celebrate my birthday. The band was LOUD and I felt the overstimulation kicking in within 40 minutes of being there. I had to excuse myself and leave my own party. It was there that solidified what I try to do with my Sensory Friendly magic is the RIGHT thing to do. No one should ever feel, for reasons they can’t control excluded from enjoying themselves in environments that Neurotypicals thrive in.

Magic Shows Are Sensory Friendly Almost To A Default

With the exception of the grand illusion shows that mirror rock concerts, magic shows are by default sensory friendly.

How to make your event sensory friendly?

  1. Reduce any ambient noise as much as possible. If you have to raise your voice to talk to the person sitting beside you, you are way past the noise threshold tolerable for most Neurodivergence
  2. Designate a simming or tantrum space. People who are neurodivergent fidget a lot and this may even include pacing or rocking back in forth. While harmless, it could be a distraction to others. Having a space designated for this behavior to run it’s course is mutually beneficial. Some people with severe Neurodivergencies may burst out in a range of emotions called meltdowns. This can be both a distraction to others s well as a dehumanizing and embarrassing ordeal for the one experiencing the meltdown.
  3. Don’t have the band over. While many Neurodivergents do enjoy music, we enjoy it when we have control over the volume like on a MP3.
  4. Go easy on the colors. Many Neurodivergents do enjoy colors but seeing is as much of a sense as hearing and the visual stimulation can also be overwhelming. Avoiding harsh neons and reflectives can help reduce overstimulation
  5. Go easy on the smells. As with sound & sight, go easy on the smells.
  6. Touch Areas. Provide touch areas. This can include bubble machines, small sandboxes, etc. This will also serve as a escape from other sensory input that could become overwhelming.

It’s not just for kids

All the above ways of making an event Sensory Friendly seems childish, one does not ever grow out of a neurodivergent condition. Even at 33 years old, I too almost always have a coin or a deck of cards on me; 1 because I am a magician and I wanna be ready at a moments notice & 2 I simmer a lot and they’re equivalent to a fidget spinner AND

MAGIC is for all minds

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