West Kentucky’s FAVORITE Magical SENSORY FRIENDLY Entertainer For YOUR Wedding, Corporate & Celebration Needs!!

On TV, Jordan Allen WOWED Brianna Clark at WPSD TV 6 during a TV appearance.  Brianna is standing at a round table to the right of Jordan as he performs magic on TV. Brianna Clark said ¨My mind is blown! My mind is blown!¨

Weddings, corporate events & special occasions are made magical by West Kentucky’s FAVORITE & ONLY Sensory Friendly Entertainer – Jordan Allen uses clean engaging comedy, storytelling & magic to give clients like you an experience they will never forget. Jordan Allen has entertained clients large and small since the age of 5! Be it for a wedding, at a birthday or a corporate presentation in a large hospital Jordan Allen has the EXPERIENCE in making mundane moments (and events) into MAGICAL MEMORIES. You are looking to give your event – be it a wedding, organization/corporate event or a special occasion a unique and unforgettable experience – Jordan Allen is your entertainer!

A Few Satisfied Clients

Jordan Allen is standing before a crowd in Corbin Kentucky. His arms are stretched out as he demonstrates what is expected of the volunteer sitting down in front of him. Everyone in the audience is leaning forward- waiting for the magic to happen

Sensory Friendly magic to help YOU CELEBRATE! Choose from below & RSVP TODAY!

Jordan Allen is not only a magician but the solution to your wedding, corporate & private event needs. Magic can help give caterers more time, magic can build connections between strangers and clients as well as leaving a wonderful memory of the event.

¨Loved The Show! Best Show I have Ever Seen!¨


Harry Houdini once said “Magic not only amazes & amuses but in certain circumstances elicits the feeling of HOPE. Hope that anything is possible.” Jordan Allen believes not only does it bring hope but it can also bring PEOPLE TOGETHER, ADVOCATE & EDUCATE! Jordan Allen uses family-friendly magic, comedy & storytelling to advocate, educate, amuse & educate about his life with ADHD. Representation Matters!

Three people pose happy and satisfied  with Jordan Allen after his Neurodivergency Advocacy Magic Show ¨Oh Look It´s Magic¨ in Indianapolis on itś debut night at the IindyFringe Festival.
Standing at the end of the table at a banquet Murray Calloway County Hospital held. Jordan Allen had just finished performing magic for those seated and they are applauding
Jordan Allen is leading a crowd in Corbin Kentucky where they experience the magic themselves.
A crowd is applauding as JOrdan Allen concludes a comedy magic routine where the dots on a board move around unexpectedly and finish with a surprise no one expected!

Public Appearances

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