Magic Tutorial Downloads

Downloadable Magic Tutorials! Raise Your Confidence, Express Yourself, and Improve Your Communication Skills With Magic! Unlike other tutorials – with the purchase of one download you can have a 45 minute coaching session via Zoom with Jordan Allen so the learning curve can be cut in half!

Introduction To Coin Magic

Coin magic is a foundation in magic. The skills acquired can be used for a wide range of magical effects PLUS a lifetime of fun and confidence

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Purchased the Introduction to Coin Magic. I appreciate the honest realism of the presentation. Also I liked the advice concerning transitions between sleights and advice on misdirection and being as natural as possible with various performance tips. Thanks again!” -James Hodge

Handkerchief Magic Vol 1

Hank magic has been in magic acts since the 1500’s. Cheap, portable,eye catching, hank magic has been a crowd favorite. Here you will learn how to make handkerchiefs appear, teleport & pass through solids!

The Ambitious Card

Perform this anywhere with any deck! A card is selected, signed & lost in the deck & by magic rises to the top! The Ambitious Card routine is THE trick that FOOLED Houdini & it is a personal favorite of Jordan Allen. As seen in his shows, Jordan Allen combines his knowledge of the routine and breaks it down for you to learn and master. This can be done with any deck and with practice it will be your favorite too!

Handkerchief Magic Vol 2

Coming Soon!


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