Why Magic Coaching & Tutorials?

The show had just finished. My enthusiasm was through the roof and as I was packing up I was stopped by my client and a few of her guests. I was asked if I do any magic classes. I do not – however it has been in the deep recesses of my mind for a while. Throughout 2022 I busked the Farmer’s Market. I was told by a few that a magic shop would do well in our small metropolitan of Murray KY. These synchronicities have given me the green light to do magic tutorials.

Why? Youtube is flooded with them, what could I possibly do that not only brings value but separates me from the rest? Well experience & intentions. Most ALL magic tutorials you will find on the web are GARBAGE. Someone bought a trick and without permission posted an exposure video hoping that it increases their reach. No where in these videos does the content creator explain the whys and hows. There is a difference between exposure and true tutorial. 99% of all magic “tutorials” are in fact unethical exposure videos.

My intention is also different. As someone who does ADHD / sensory Friendly magic shows – I know first hand the true power of magic. Learning magic not only improves self confidence, but it can also be therapeutic to those with fine motor complications (very common with neurodiverse people) or those recovering from a injury or stroke. A proper tutorial can improve the quality of life for many.

What about competition from newbie magicians? I personally don’t believe competition exists between magicians. “There is plenty of doors and rooms in the house of magic.” – Max Maven (Phillip Goldstein 1950 – 2022)

Published by Jordan Allen

Hello there, I am Jordan Allen & I can't wait to give you a FUN magical EXPERIENCE!

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