IF you own or manage a restaurant, bar, pub or tavern – any place where people come to sit and dine – you NEED a magician on board. You read that correctly. You NEED a magician.There are a LOT of challenges to the dining industry – slow days, delays in the kitchen, a LONG wait not to mention new competitors springing up left and right – everywhere you look.Having a magician on board is an ASSET. Every restaurant has food. Every restaurant has music. What is going to keep people coming back, recommending your restaurant to their friends and family is not only the quality of the food but also the EXPERIENCE. Delay in order & long waiting time can severely harm the patrons experience. People can twiddle their thumbs while they wait, they can also do that at home or in your competitors establishment.Having a house magician gives the establishment a competitive edge. Magicians add to the ambiance, the experience and can buy the kitchen time in the event of a delay.The benefits extend beyond the establishment. Having a magician on board adds CLASS and an extra layer of ambiance to the experience. Having a magician on board will also give the patrons something extra to talk about – building word of mouth and even publicity to the eatery.

Published by Jordan Allen

Hello there, I am Jordan Allen & I can't wait to give you a FUN magical EXPERIENCE!

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