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The Missing Ingredient In Your Wedding Plans

To many people weddings are the most important day of their lives. It is a honorable milestone. Preparing for weddings is STRESSFUL on the bride and groom. You WANT your wedding to not only be a success but also UNFORGETTABLE. Too many people focus on the catering and less on the entertainment. It happens – something is holding up the food. There is a long period of awkwardness as strangers enter the reception hall. There is NOTHING there to break the ice or to help kill the time if there is a delay. When this happens you realize you should have had a PERSONABLE, INTERACTIVE, UNFORGETTABLE entertainer. 

Jordan Allen Is Your Answer.

You WANT your wedding to be different. You WANT your wedding to be salient in the minds of not only you but also your guests. Be it just before the dance or when everyone is coming in to the reception hall – having a live interactive entertainer who is NOT a musician or a DJ is the missing ingredient between a successful wedding or an epic disaster.  After the food, after the kiss – there is only memories of this special day. Make your wedding unforgettable by booking Jordan Allen TODAY.


When there is a delay with the catering – whats going to happen to the pace of the reception? You have a bunch of strangers who need to break the ice? Something has caused some tension or stress in the guests – whose going to calm the nerve?

Jordan Allen Is The Solution To The Problem!

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