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You WANT your WEDDING to be a success! Not just for you but also for the guests, the last thing many consider in the wedding planning process is the ENTERTAINMENT and EXCITEMENT value. Jordan Allen is THE ACCESSORY to making those FAIRYTALE ENDINGS you DREAMED about a REALITY!

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Scripting Magic: How To Turn Tricks Into Magical Experiences

Abracadabra! The ever famous magical incantation. No one is 100% sure of it’s true origin, however many believe it comes from the Hebrew; “ebrah k’dabri” which means “I create what I speak.” Many have become accustomed to how the old saying “sticks & stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” isContinue reading “Scripting Magic: How To Turn Tricks Into Magical Experiences”

Magic, Cardistry & General Education – The Necessity Of The Seemingly Unnecessary

I can recall taking general education courses throughout my undergraduate studies at Murray State University. I didn’t mind, I understood that Gen Ed courses are meant to broaden your base knowledge. I do recall many complaining about the seeming inconvenience of having to take these courses that “have nothing to do with my career”. KeepContinue reading “Magic, Cardistry & General Education – The Necessity Of The Seemingly Unnecessary”


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