SARS-COVID2 has brought us into a strange new World. To help keep everyone safe and still enjoy magic, Jordan Allen is now offering viral magic shows for you to enjoy all from the comfort and safety of your home or office!

“Ladies and gentlemen welcome to The Mind Museum. I am your curator Jordan Allen and we are all human. We live on the same Planet, most of us can speak to each other – there is a LOT of shared similarities between us. While there are similarities there are also underlying differences. We all have a history, we all have memories – we all have things in our lives that are novel only to us and it is here at THIS MUSEUM that we will get to share some of those and hopefully maybe find some commonality. Some memories and emotions are sensitive – I will not allow anyone to feel embarrassed – the exhibitions will be anonymous but if you wish to make your memories known let me know. I cannot and will not go into your mind and memories to pluck out dirt secrets unless you first allow me. I am not psychic in the way you think of the word nor am I a medium chatting with the dearly departed.” Jordan Allen is a professional magician and in The Mind Museum you will visit and understand your past, have some clarity on the future in this mind blowing audience focused mind reading show that makes YOU the star! Dont worry, you wont be made to feel embarrassed, your thoughts wont be identified to you. Jordan Allen has been featured on WHAS 11 ABC’s Great Day Live in Louisville KY, Fox59 in Indianapolis Indiana, Newsweek’s IndyStar,, NPR Affiliate WKMS. Jordan Allen has amazed companies and organizations like Dryground Brewing Company, Silent Brigade Distillery, The Murray Country Club.

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