Jordan Allen is an award winning entertainer who combines comedy with mind reading and class with close up magic. Jordan Allen has entertained audiences large and small since the young age of 5! Be it in a church for a wedding or doing a corporate presentation in a large hospital. The audience and client comes first! If you are looking to give your event – be it a wedding, organization/corporate event or a special occasion a unique and unforgettable experience – Jordan Allen is your entertainer of choice!

Comedy Mind Reading

Jordan Allen´s longest running presentation is a 60 minute (sometimes an hour and 30 minutes, depending on the event) mind reading expose. The audience is the star! Jordan Allen – Comedy Mind Reader is a audience focused stand up / stage presentation loaded with audience interaction and comedy! Don´t worry – no one will be made to feel embarrassed. Good clean humor, audience focused, a lot of fun and interaction.

Close Up Magic

If you own or manage a restaurant / bar/ lounge/ tavern / pub – you NEED a magician. You read that correctly. You NEED a magician.Aside from doing stand up mind reading – Jordan Allen offers a more intimate – table side – in your face mind blowing magic ideal for cocktails, wedding receptions, bars, pubs, taverns & restaurants! There are a LOT of challenges to the dining industry – slow days, delays in the kitchen, a LONG wait not to mention new competitors springing up left and right – everywhere you look. Having a magician on board is an ASSET. Every restaurant has food. Every restaurant has music. What is going to keep people coming back, recommending your restaurant to their friends and family is not only the quality of the food but also the EXPERIENCE. Delay in order& long waiting time can severely harm the patrons experience. People can twiddle their thumbs while they wait, they can also do that at home or in your competitors establishment. Having a house magician gives the establishment a competitive edge. Magicians add to the ambiance, the experience and can buy the kitchen time in the event of a delay. The benefits extend beyond the establishment. Having a magician on board adds CLASS and an extra layer of ambiance to the experience. Having a magician on board will also give the patrons something extra to talk about – building word of mouth and even publicity to the eatery.

Be it for a WEDDING RECEPTION, a COCKTAIL event, a CORPORATE function, a ORGANIZATION FUNDRAISER – giving your guests and clients a magician will not only make the even unforgettable – but also valuable and unique. MAGIC is the most personal form of art in existence and it knows no language or cultural barriers. Make your special event an unforgettable experience and a gift to YOU and your guests today!

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