Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Long Are The Shows?

A: Stand Up/ Platform / Staged shows run minimum of 45 minutes to 1 hour. Neurodivergency Advocacy shows try to run at max 45 minutes. Strolling magic runs the entire event or as agreed upon at booking.

Q) How much is the show?

A) Shows and appearances are priced at the individual level to the needs of each individual clientele. Appearances outside the 42071 zip code will have mileage added. Appearances in Murray Ky are eligible for a $25 discount.

Q) Are shows charged by the hour?

A) No, fees are based on event, location, industry & individual needs of the client

Q) Can you do my 2 year old´s birthday party?

A) No, but older guests (4 and up) will enjoy the magic! Some are too young for magic

Q) Are All Performances Sensory Friendly?

A) Yes to the best of control of the performer, even the non-advocacy shows are Sensory Friendly.

Q) Are animals involved?

A) No.

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