Birthday Magic Buyer’s Guide!

Just about everyone’s first exposure to magic starts at a birthday party. Many people take up an interest in magic from that experience. Some end up becoming professional magicians themselves. Since at least the 1920’s, magic has become a staple at birthday parties. This guide will hopefully make the selection process easier on you, the parent, guardian, friend, co-worker, etc. It is also the goal of helping birthday party shoppers in separating the professionals from the weekend warriors that are ill equipped to do birthday shows properly.

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Is Birthday Magic Only For Young Children?

While birthday magic is synonymous with children, Jordan Allen has entertained birthdays for 7 year olds as well as 45 year olds! With the exception of infants and some young toddlers, every birthday is a good fit at any age!

Age Is Something To Consider?

While individuals do vary from the crowd, it is a general rule of thumb that birthday magic may not be suitable for all ages. Young children that are in preschool age range (2 – 4 years of age) may not have the attention span that can hold for a full length birthday show (usually 45 – 60 minutes). Its important to keep this in mind when considering magic or a birthday.

Birthday Show Structure

With the exception of adolescent & adult birthday shows, children need structure. Not only do children need structure they prefer structure. It gives them a sense of security and comfort. Birthday shows tailored to young children or have young children in the audience are structured so it is a safe and enjoyable experience for all: Birthday magic shows have 3 rules! 1) Stay seated, 2) Its okay to laugh, applaud and show appreciation but it is important to remain quiet so that no one is distracted while a trick is being done. 3) Helpers are encouraged but are only chosen if they follow the previous 2 rules PLUS raising their hands when asked for assistance.

Not only will these 3 basic rules provide structure but its also a security precaution to prevent unnecessary accidents. These Rules are given out before the show starts! Once these rules are given out, the show will promptly start with a “warm up” involving everyone and end with the help from the birthday person.

What’s The Right Time For A Birthday Magic Show?

Where does a birthday magic show fit into the birthday planning? It depends on a few things: Whether it’s a stand up show or a strolling show. Whether it’s for a child or an adult:

We’re going to assume it’s a stand up birthday show for a child; the ideal time for a birthday magic show with children 10 years or younger is first thing! Food may make everyone lethargic OR hyper and the presents will be the main focus once they are open.

It’s important to allow at least 10 minutes for everyone to arrive.

As for strolling magic, segment the food, cake and presents so the magician will not be performing at that time. This will allow the strolling birthday magician a chance to catch a breath or reset for the next round of table side performances. Adolescent & adult birthdays do not run into the timing issue but its nice to have everything planned so the magician won’t be distracting away from important matters.

An ideal run time for a stand up birthday show for children younger than 10 years old is 45 minutes.

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Is Birthday Magic shows For Kids An Excuse To Leave Kids Unattended?

No. I am personally under the impression that birthday magicians are booked for kids because the adults want to relive that moment when they too were in the kid’s shoes.

That said its very important that adults REMAIN in the vicinity of the performance for the safety of both the magician and the kids. Magicians are NOT babysitters and has very little recourse if there is a problem with a kid, be it a medical issue or behavioral problems. It is a sad reality, while most birthday magicians are harmless and are looking out for the best interest of birthday party, there is a small group of nefarious self proclaimed “birthday magicians” who – I don’t think i need to go into any further detail on this. It is to the benefit of everyone that the adults stay in the room during a birthday magic show.

Birthday Party Magicians Are Too Goofy For Adult Birthdays?

A well polished performer with years of experience know how to adjust and accommodate different demographics. It is unfortunate to the industry that MANY associate birthday magic with goofiness. There are some really goofy birthday magicians that ONLY do birthdays for young children. They know they’re not a good fit for older kids, adolescent or adult birthdays.

When Booking A Birthday Magician, It’s Very Important To Include The AGE and or age range of those in attendance so the magician can better prepare.

Birthday Magic Is Perfect! From Ages 5 To 92! Make the celebration magical and BOOK Jordan Allen TODAY!

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