Reasons Why Weddings BENEFIT From Wedding Magicians


You WANT your WEDDING to be a success! Not just for you but also for the guests, the last thing many consider in the wedding planning process is the ENTERTAINMENT and EXCITEMENT value. A WEDDING MAGICIAN is an ACCESSORY to making those FAIRYTALE ENDINGS you DREAMED about a REALITY! Here are a few reasons;

  1. A Wedding Magician Will HELP YOU and your guests REMEMBER! 

People don’t remember the decoration in the wedding venue, people (don’t want to) remember the cost of the planning and catering. What people REMEMBER about the wedding is the EXPERIENCE from the entertainment during the reception. Its not the cake, its not the dance, its not the decoration, its not even the photography – PEOPLE REMEMBER THE ENTERTAINMENT EXPERIENCE.  Don’t believe it? A 2014 study by Bridal Magazine requested 1,000 brides to think back on their wedding. The thing these brides REGRETTED the most was not investing in entertainment by 90% of the brides surveyed! OUCH! 

  1. Magic eliminates awkward silence and creates CONNECTIONS!

 The biggest challenge with weddings is getting people engaged with one another who may not know each other. Magic is SOCIAL and a professional magician knows how to CONNECT and CAN help BUILD CONNECTIONS between people – even across language and culture barriers, because magic knows no culture or language! Everyone in the World can understand it! Not everyone will know everyone and no one should feel alone or awkward, especially during a wedding!


  1. Magic EXCITES and sets the TONE and takes away the mundane! 

You do NOT want your wedding to be mundane or typical! You WANT PEOPLE TALKING, ENERGIZED, EXCITED and ENTERTAINED throughout the event! MOST weddings go as follow – guests congregate, wedding ceremony commences, reception – food is served, DJ plays, some dancing and everyone goes home. You DO NOT want this mundane formula! You want the EXCITEMENT and ENERGY to fill in the spaces between! 

  1. Magical entertainment keeps the energy going during the reception downtime 

Down time can create that dreaded awkward silence – you do not want this! A professional magician knows how to BREAK THE ICE and keep the ENERGY going while the food is being served! 

  1. Wedding Magicians are VERSATILE! 

Most weddings have THEMES and magic can easily be INCORPORATED into the theme. A professional magician will also be FLEXIBLE – if there is a hold up with the catering – a professional magician will be able to BUY THE CATERING TIME and keep the ENERGY high! 

  1. Photographers LOVE magicians and they will LOVE you for having a magician at your wedding!

Magic is notorious for putting SMILES on peoples faces, that moment of EXCITEMENT, JOY and MEMORIES being made after seeing a magician do his or her wonders makes a PERFECT PHOTO OPPORTUNITY


  1. Magicians work well with other entertainment options 

Just about every wedding has a DJ, while the DJ is filling the ATMOSPHERE, who is keeping the CONVERSATION going with the people on the floor? The Magician! 

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Published by Jordan Allen

Throughout human history, people have been fascinated with the mysteries of the mind and the people who harnessed the powers within. Men and women with reputations throughout the course of history have astonished and amazed others with their gifts. The feats of reading minds, foretelling the future, manipulating objects without physical force, seeing while blinded have been the stuff that both myths and science have created. In the 21st Century the practice has not been lost and Jordan Allen is a small number of individuals who continues to carry the torch! Jordan Allen has performed for corporations and organizations such as CFSB Bank, Jackson Med-LInk and bars and pubs of the likes of Silent Brigade & Dryground Brewing Company. Jordan Allen has made a few appearances and mentions in regional and local media such as News Democrat & Leader, WHAS 11 ABC, WKMS NPR, Allen County Action. You will be given an experience you have never had before as Jordan Allen reads the minds of an entire audience, describes personal belongings and its owner, and answer questions! You are probably a bit skeptical but there are NO actors or stooges. No one in the audience has made any arrangements with Jordan Allen and there have been no prior rehearsals with any member of the audience. You will understand why the News Democrat & Leader called Jordan Allen ¨The Real Deal!¨ Jordan Allen LOVES his audiences and he makes his performances and demonstrations as audienced focused as possible. YOU WILL NOT have the same experience the second time around.

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