Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Pubs NEED Magic

There Are Big Reasons Why Restaurants Can’t Afford NOT To Have A Magician

1) Experience, Value & Atmosphere

As you guessed it – food is not the only reason why people choose one restaurant over


another, some restaurants have an advantage over others – the patrons have a better experience, the restaurant has good value and the atmosphere is amazing! Having an in house magician provides not only entertainment for the patrons but also an experience and an enhancement to the existing atmosphere.                                                                       

 2) Competitive Advantage

Very few restaurants provide in house live entertainment. We live in a society that has been desensitized to our humanity thanks to readily available instant digital entertainment. Live entertainment is INTERACTIVE. Magicians have an advantage over all other forms of live entertainment. Magic is not just for the eyes, people often have real emotional reactions. Emotions are a key player in memory formation. As a restaurant manager / owner – you want people to remember your establishment. Memory, good experience, high value and good engagement will keep patrons coming back for more.

Jordan performing magic for a engaged table at Tom’s Grille

3) About Those Waits (Something Happened In The Kitchen)

It happens, something has happened in the kitchen to cause a delay in the delivery of the food. Nothing IRRITATES or ruins a patrons experience more than having to WAIT a long time (might as well go to one of those fast food joints). They say time flies when you are entertained.

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